Grade: Nursery (TPS), PK (PS), K1(MS), K2 (GS); from age 2 to 5 years old

Kindergarten at LIFE School follows a precise teaching structure based on the official academic curriculum. Our main goal is to encourage children to learn, grow, and develop their personalities at school. Children learn to socialize and develop their autonomy, their knowledge, and their skills while studying French and English.

Learning, growing and succeeding together

Completely renovated in 2019, the kindergarten holds 6 classes. Children evolve in a bright and functional space. All the furniture has been replaced in order to meet the teachers’ ways of teaching.

All kindergarten students follow the French national curriculum, which focuses on the following areas:

1. Mobilizing language in all its dimensions
2. Acting, expressing yourself, understanding through physical activity
3. Acting, expressing oneself, understanding through artistic activities
4. Building the first tools to structure your thinking
5. Exploring the world

The language of instruction at the LIFE School Jakarta is French. But as a multicultural school, we adopt a bilingual (English) curriculum starting in kindergarten.

In PS and MS, half of the activities are in English depending on the child’s language skills. In GS, the emphasis is put on the French language, with students preparing for CP. We also offer support classes in English and French, where applicable. Each kindergarten class has a teacher and an assistant for a maximum of 20 children.

Developing bilingual skills

All classes are composed of students from the Reinforced English section and students from the Reinforced French section. In order to develop bilingual skills in our students, they come together many times a week for the language pathways:

  • Students in the Reinforced English section meet up with their Anglo-Saxon teacher
  • Students of the Reinforced French section get together with the French teacher of the class.

This system allows greater diversity in our kindergarten while respecting the personalized language pathways chosen by the families. The students thus benefit from tailor-made language teaching according to their skills.

Do you want to know how our kindergarten teachers work on a daily basis with their 2 to 5 year old students while they are home-schooled? In this short report, you’ll discover how the LIFE School Jakarta kindergarten school has adapted to this new type of learning.

Specialized teachers

Our entire teaching team puts its experience and professionalism towards our students in order to establish the educational and academic foundations on which their future learning is based and developed for their entire education.