The French Baccalaureate is a globally recognized diploma that allows students to apply and study at the best universities and schools in France, Europe, Australia, the USA, and around the world.

The French education system offers students the opportunity to benefit from an education in two languages in a multicultural environment. Students who follow this French curriculum are highly appreciated by higher education schools. Students are encouraged to think independently and to guide their own learning by taking part in a structured education program that leads them to the world’s most prestigious universities.

AFTER 3E (Grade 9)


The year of 3e is the year of the Brevet National Diploma (DNB), a year of assessment of the skills acquired throughout Middle school but also of questioning about the student’s orientation project.

For more information on orientation after 3e, please refer to the slide show “After 3e” and to the Onisep orientation guide.


A time dedicated to orientation is set up to support High school students in their orientation project. At LIFE School Jakarta, students are supported by the main actors in orientation: the lead teacher, the resource person for information and orientation, the head of the CDI, and the Economic and Social Sciences teacher.

High school students receive regular personalized interviews to refine their orientation project.

In Seconde, this period allows students to make their choice of specialty subjects according to their tastes, desires, and their orientation project. It is also in Seconde that the students do their professional observation internship.

In Première and Terminale, the time dedicated to orientation allows students to refine their plans for higher education. Of the three specialties studied in Première, only two will be kept in Terminale.

Moments dedicated to orientation are organized within LIFE School Jakarta. This allows students to:

  • discuss with the school’s teachers and the academic teams on professions and studies,
  • learn more about higher education classes by meeting students, teachers and other professionals,
  • discover jobs and professional sectors by meeting some of their actors,
  • be informed of all the means available to build their professional project.


Building your route to success

Students choose three specialty subjects in première and keep two in Terminale. LFIE School Jakarta offers 7 of the most popular speciality subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics and chemistry
  • Life and Earth sciences
  • Economic and social sciences
  • History, geography, geopolitics and political science
  • Humanities, literature and philosophy
  • Foreign languages, literature and cultures



Starting in September and throughout the year, Terminale students of the LIFE School Jakarta are supported in their orientation project to prepare for their registration on Parcoursup, an entrance platform to higher education in France.


AGORA Monde is one of the tools shared by the AEFE network schools for the benefit of their students: a collaborative tool based on a dynamic exchange between high school students, who are building their orientation project, and young alumni involved in their graduate studies.

Students currently studying in French high schools around the world and students continuing their studies in higher education or young graduates who can testify on their career: these are the actors of the AGORA Monde network…

On the AGORA Monde platform, high school students can discuss their post-baccalaureat study plans, solicit their peers, find testimonials, and question students who, like them, come from French high schools around the world, about their personal experience.

AGORA Monde is the digital platform developed by AEFE and made available to all the AEFE network schools. AGORA Monde allows sharing and exchanging. It is a collaborative tool: interviews, forums, directory are made available to users. ADN-AEFE offers students in Seconde in AEFE schools and in some schools in France to spend part of their school year in another school of the AEFE network or in a high school in France participating in the program.