at LIFE School Jakarta

LIFE School Jakarta makes every effort to ensure that each person present on site evolves in a healthy environment guaranteeing their integrity.

LIFE School Jakarta relies on strict procedures in order to monitor and control its access. A security company is present on the site 24/7. The site is equipped with video surveillance cameras for internal use only.

  • Security outside LIFE School Jakarta is provided daily by Indonesian policemen. They are in beige and brown uniforms and ensure traffic management and compliance with general safety instructions with regard to a French-managed international establissment.
  • Adults (parents and LIFE School Jakarta staff) are held responsible for the behavior of their children or employees (drivers, helpers). You are asked to check with them that the safety and traffic instructions have been learned and are respected.
  • Badge: LIFE School Jakarta has set up a system of badges on the Primary / Middle / High school side. They are handed out at the beginning of the school year. Their presentation is compulsory for anyone wishing to enter the premises, adults as well as students. Anyone who does not have a badge and wishes to enter the school must apply for one at the security post. We ask you to ensure that the students have their badge at all times, otherwise they will be refused entry to the school. Access badges also act as the student’s school identity card and lunch card, and allow parents to enter the school.
  • Children remain under the responsibility of their parents until they enter the school: after the badge control on the Primary, Middle and High school side, and even in the courtyard, on the Kindergarten side.
  • For safety reasons, parking cars near LIFE School Jakarta is prohibited, except for parents who do not have drivers but only for the time strictly necessary to drop off or pick up the children, within the limit of available spaces. No vehicle is allowed to park outside these locations.
  • Motorized school community members must take off their helmets, dismount when entering the LIFE School Jakarta premises and push their vehicle to one or the other bike park.
  • LIFE School Jakarta is a tobacco-free school. It is strictly forbidden to smoke on site.

Preparation for the management of emergency or exceptional situations

The management of fire, lockdown, barricaded lockdown:

conducting 2 to 3 drills per year that may be held without notice.

The Special Security Plan for major risks (PPMS):

conducting an annual lockdown or barricaded lockdown drill. In the event of an emergency, parents will be informed of what to do by email.