LIFE School Jakarta offers multilingual and multicultural education in an international environment. We welcome children from 2 to 17 years old of all nationalities in a modern and warm environment.

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Why the French Baccalauréate?

All great universities need diversity. Because it is in diversity, in the debate of ideas, in the confrontation of cultures and know-how that the best ideas are born. It is because Yale or Harvard or Stanford need students to be capable of creating, innovating, thinking, contradicting, doubting, challenging.

These universities, like all the others, will seek varied profiles. Students who speak a third language perfectly. Students who have studied philosophy, history and literature even though they are scientists. Students who are wise and know how to articulate a reasoning. In this sense, students preparing for the French baccalaureate have every chance of accessing the leading European and American schools, which all recognize the quality of this diploma.

There are now hundreds of French students in the most prestigious American schools. They were able to access them because their background and their training are different. Because the worst mistake would be to try to be like everyone else. The French education system and the baccalaureate give them the chance to be seen and appreciated at their true value.

Much more than a school, we're a family

At LIFE School Jakarta, we are convinced that the educational offer made to families must include personalized support for each student as they develop their training and study plans.


students aged 2 to 17


nationalities place their trust in us


are non-French students


baccalaureate pass rate 2023

6 languages taught

At a glance

LIFE School offers families access to affordable, quality, multicultural and multilingual French-English bilingual education, provided by highly experienced teachers with a proven track record of academic success.

The excellent results obtained in Cambridge certifications and the Baccalaureate prove the exceptional quality of our teaching of modern languages such as English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, and Indonesian.

Parent's voice

« The teachers are highly qualified, they know about psychology. Also, there’s an approach to behaving in society, what’s not nice, your manners, and eating well. We don’t teach that in schools in our country. This is a good chance to learn, full immersion to learn another language. And I like the consistency that the school has to education. »

“The advantages of French School are the language, the good education, and the networking. I want to apply the same things to my daughter where she can express herself without limit and has the opportunity to study or to work everywhere in the world while bringing the cultures that she learned during her time at the school.”

We are proud to be part of a vast network of cooperation, which aims to promote the French language, language of freedom and culture, while opening up to the culture of the host country and to international languages with great potential.

We offer students an ambitious curriculum and quality education, from kindergarten to high school, and prepare your children for the Baccalaureate exams with a European-English section.

Brahim Oualli

Principal of LIFE School Jakarta