KINDERGARTEN VISIT March 26, 2024 – PS and MS students visited the Taman Mini firefighters this Tuesday, March 26. The children were delighted to try on the firefighters’ outfits, their vehicles, the fire hoses but also a little truck ride with the siren!


STORY READING GAMES February 22, 2024 – The kindergarten classes worked for several weeks around the same 7 albums (5 in French and 2 in English). The Wolf is the central character of these works. The reading rally ended Thursday, February 22th with a morning of games for all the children in kindergarten from the […]


100 DAYS AT SCHOOL February 16, 2024 – La Fête des 100 Jours d’école: challenges based on the number 100! This celebration integrates mathematics with sports, creative and language activities. Grade 1 students began their day with sports challenges in the gymnasium, while the 6th graders supervised the activities. This was followed by a tasting […]


CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEAR February 12, 2024 – LIFE School Jakata’s students celebrated, this Monday, February 12th, the chinese lunar new year. Wonderful songs, dances and barongsai lit up the morning! Gong Xi Fa Cai! On the occasion of the Lunar New Year and the celebration at school this Monday, February 12th, 2024, Michelle Oberlé, […]


GRADE 10 OLYMPIAD February 7, 2024 – With the Olympic Games taking place in Paris this summer, our Secondary students are also participating in the event by taking part in the “LIFE school Jakarta” games, organized by their teachers until the end of the school year. The first event took place this week, showcasing the […]

Swim Run 2024

SWIM RUN 2024 January 28, 2024 – Sunday, January 28th, the 2nd edition of the Swim Run took place at Life School, a look back at this event which brought together 25 teams, or nearly a hundred participants! The competitors had to do a swimming event and a running event in a sequence, they then […]

Christmas Day

CHRISTMAS DAY December 15, 2023 – What a wonderful show given by our students! The kindergarten and elementary school classes proudly presented the accomplishment of several weeks of work and creation to parents, through numerous dances and songs, each performance is as splendid as the next! Thanks to all the artists, as well as the […]

Batik Day

BATIK DAY October 2, 2023 – LIFE School celebrated National Batik Day! The students were able to enjoy various workshops, such as Gamelan Kromong, masked dances called Tari Topeng, Pencak Silat, and even umbrella painting! A big thank you to the Indonesian teachers, but also to the Benyamin Suaeb association, supported by the Jakarta cultural […]